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Management policy

People-oriented, talented enterprises


  Soft power supports hard development. The company has always adhered to the strategy of "people-oriented, talent-strength". With a glance, the ancestors took a shot, and the development of the company was quicker. From the reality of production and management, the implementation of "the combination of virtue and talent, morality first" In principle, select talents; use talents in the principle of "selecting talents and being able to compete fairly"; assessing talents with the principle of "performance, rewards and punishments"; and the principle of "unity, cooperation, and common growth", recruiting talents, only talents In this way, 108 high- and mid-level management talents, professional design talents, and technical operation talents have been trained. Basically, various types of talents have been built. “There is a path to growth, there is room for development, I want to give opportunities to officers, and I can give positions to officers. Give status to the platform. It has formed a new pattern of management, technology and skill-based teams that go hand in hand and coordinate development.